Pay Bills Online with a High-Speed Connection

Internet is used not only as a major source of information on any topic but has greatly gained reputation for serving many platforms for connection, social networking, ecommerce and transaction.


E-commerce has captured the market and is now one of the most preferred form of shopping, with the evolution of ecommerce another concept that became incipient in the e-payment or electronic payment option. Electronic bill payment is one the most rapidly growing feature in recent times because of its numerous benefits. Online bill payment has become easier with the help of High-Speed Internet Connections like DvoisSSV Broadband.  This allows the customers and users to purchase and clear off the bills at the same time using the internet facility.


Unknown Facts

The strange fact is that this facility was available since mid of 1990’s but the usage has rapidly increased in the recent years. There are many reason for the delay in adopting this method.

  • Lack of Awareness: The most important reason is that people back in the days were not at all aware about the presence of any such method of electronic payment.
  • Absence of Technical Infrastructure: There were not much technical infrastructure present in those times and as a result people could not get used to alternative payment methods.
  • Internet Connectivity and Speed: Another factor that negatively affected this development was the slow speed of the Internet and repeated connection failure.
  • Scarcity in Service Providers: Internet service providers are omnipresent nowadays but in the beginning, this availability was not present and even the interested users had to quit.

Online Payment

There are multiple factors that determine the safe usage of the facility; these important points if taken care of, not only provides a phenomenal experience of online payments but also ease the day to day transactions.

Benefits of online payment are multitudinous but these can be the most important ones:

  • Time saving
  • Reduced use of cash and risk of loss
  • Convenient alternative
  • User-Friendly

There are many organizations and firms that provide the online payment services, their services can be compared and the best ones can be opted for. This allows the client to pick up a service provider of his own choice.

A very important concept when it comes to online payment is of payment gateway, this is mainly a merchant service that any e-commerce website or application provides. Payment transfer and acceptance can be done in many ways like online banking, credit card, and debit card. A payment gateway not only accepts the data but also helps in maintaining the security.


Online transaction and e-commerce is at its peak now and in coming times also this usage will rise, incorporating this technologically advanced feature is very important and fast internet connectivity is what it all takes to enjoy the services.

Fast Internet_Slow Streaming

Slow video streaming on a high Internet connection

Technology has now evolved to an extent that it is no more limited to a confined usage and every person has now access to every content present on the web. This proliferation in the internet usage has led to significant rise in video browsing and watching online videos. Every user now prefers referring to online videos for every single task, Internet is full of online tutorials for to solve every single impediment faced by the users; posting queries as anonymous users and posting solutions for that problem which can also include the video tutorials is very common and this is also an important segment of the Search Engine Marketing.


Video browsing is one of the most preferred alternative for everyone and has many benefits but at the same time one of the prime and unavoidable problem is that it consumes heavy data. At times even when the Internet plans are capable and they offer massive data usage, video streaming becomes very slow and watching a single video can be excessively tiring. It becomes very boring and annoying to experience such slow loading of video even when the data connectivity is high and also the Internet balance and validity is enough for current ongoing task.

Reason for this time-consuming speed can be many, but few of the most prominent and possible reasons can be:

  • Technical Glitch: One of the most plausible reason is that there can be some sort of technical impediment in the channel of connectivity.
  • Multiple downloading or Browsing: When a user downloads from multiple links and accesses multiple sites at the same time, plummet of net speed is indubitable.
  • Browsing less Compressed Video: Videos are usually uploaded in compressed form and so there can be a possibility that the video you are watching is not compressed properly.
  • Problem with the ISP: Many times service providers also experience problems with the bandwidth and signal strength which ultimately causes reduces speed.
  • Server Issue: Mostly the problem lies with the server of the video which causes the video to browse slowly even when the connections are fine by your side.
  • Crossing the Usage Limit: Many internet plans offer minimum usage limit and on crossing that, speed also reduces.

Problems caused by this slow videos browsing is omnipresent and technical fraternity is putting in diligent efforts to find suitable alternative for this hindrance. The best way to continue with the online video browsing with slow speed is to reduce the resolution if the video as this will allow the video to easily load even when the required speed specifications are not fulfilled.

Internet is Living Life!

dvois-ssv-broadbandWhen I look past the twenty years of my life; I could see a society which was happy and had a lots of celebrations. The neighbours and families were closer on a personal level. At this time; in the year 2000; I have only seen people with a box like mobile phones which the owner couldn’t get rid of at any cost.

With the new technologically advanced sector developing and entering the Indian markets’ which had never been introduced to such amenities; the monopoly somehow stayed with a few companies. As the years began to pass by new companies entered the market bringing more and more advanced ways to stay connected.

When I was in my fifth grade in 2005; my grandfather passed awy dues to brain haemorrhage. We got this new over phone from our native place in Uttar Pradesh. My father rushed immediately leaving my pregnant mother behind. We could talk over the phone and during such important hours the internet banking helped us a lot to help my father with the required money.

Post that age when I had started getting matured and being a second mom to my brother; I used internet most of the times because lot of my studies revolved around it. It certainly was appropriate and to the mark which made me study to the point and released the burden of studying a huge lot.

The post SSC all the process of taking admission into the colleges was completely dependent on the internet. Let it be the application kit, filling the form, or keeping a tap of the colleges that we have got listed in the first three list. It was all that the internet helped us in.

The college life which has been I would say new was surrounded by lots of projects and presentation due to my admission into a polytechnic. Each day I had to keep up with the business sectorial transformations and news from over the world. The presentation and the searches were all required on time so we had to find a quicker means to complete them. Internet was surely the best option. My projects were always on the time and complete up to the mark with the required information. I had also refereed books but lots of the classic books which had those information were also put in an e-book or rather PDF format that also for free to have access to.

Later on I started my internship at a complete corporate 5 star hotel where at least 12 hours went working using internet and mobile phones. I forgot to mention the stupid chats with my boyfriend which also included the distance callings and face to face chats.

So internet is living life with us. It is a part of everything and anything we do or don’t.



Benefits of a Leased Line Connection


The concept of a leased line can be easily interpreted as communications line provided between multiple locations. This form of connection can also be referred as the data line and can be used for multitudinous purposes as explained below, they also have significant advantages over standard connections and this service is usually charged monthly or as per the subscription plan. When it comes to meet high demands of smooth internet supply, leased line connections are more approved and demanded than broadband connections too.


Advantages of a leased line connection over another form of connections

  1. High connectivity and Speed: ThePrime feature of leased line connections is that they offer higher speed as compared to other connections. If required these connections can be rented for speed as high as over 9000 Mbps. However, charges for these connections also vary but you get the speed and complete bandwidth for which you pay.
  2. Uninterrupted speed: Leased line connections not only offer high speed but also ensures that it is uninterrupted as this connection type is symmetric, they offer same upload and download speed. Even in the hours of high demand, these connections do not fluctuate and continue with the same speed.
  3. Assured Privacy and Security: There are circumstances where highly confidential customer data and reports are to be managed, so as the connection is private and the leased line serves separately for individual clients; safety and privacy come along.
  4. Complete Support: Comprehensive support is provided to all the clients who opt for leased line connections. All the impediments and hindrances faced in connectivity can be discussed with the service provider.
  5. Limitless Data Usage: Data usage is incalculable so there is no limit to the data provided and can be used as per the requirement.
  6. Pliable Connection: Once a particular bandwidth is allocated, a user can put it to many forms of uses like the internet connections, VPN access, and phone calls.
  7. Authenticity:Leased line connections are the most reliable form of connections as the service providers monitor and maintain the connections themselves, they unequivocally emphasize on the quality of service offered.


To conclude we can say that leased line connections have considerable benefits over other forms of connections. Although the cost to avail this services is higher yet for organizations who constantly need an uninterrupted service for their daily ongoing tasks and assignments, leased line connections are the most suitable and preferable form of communications. The extra amount of price that you are paying gets you a secure, private, unobstructed, and a high-speed connection along with comprehensive customer support team who strive to provide you best of their services.


Long Distance Relationships

The term itself grabs our attention and we start thinking of the stories or rather possibilities that would be emerging due to this long distance. Lots of stories revolve around this word. Even mine does! To give you an idea of it let me tell you a few of them that I live every day.

My boyfriend resides in Delhi and I in Mumbai. We are in a relationship since 2010. Years back he went to London to get cured out of cancer. That time what helped us the most was a conversation over Skype which somehow gave me hope that he is fine and doctors are taking good care of him! I remember those faces and the voice which was all due to a simple connection of internet and an app.


Today’s parents are ready to provide their kids with the best possible education. They are ready to take educational loans only with the hope that their kid will be capable enough to earn that amount in future and get a better standard of living. But the whole process of this is very difficult. To adjust ourselves into a completely new environment is a big thing. But what helps during such times?

Let’s go back to my boyfriend then! He has got a very busy and interesting business empire; which he has no interest in and aspires to become an artist. So, he went to Paris to pursue his career into fine arts and music. Even his parents had to put their foot down and let him go after what he really is. The distance which I had thought would have decreased; increased anyways. But still that Skype and chatting over the social sites or via emails did their work. The whole family would gather around to chat with him and a silent to keep up with the connection and also balance our relationship.

And now when he is back in Delhi; we still have to find a way to chat over the phone. Meeting in person and staying together is the best form for any relationship; but technically being present at all stages of their lives ups and downs is also similarly important.

We are together at all stages of our lives even if we are not physically present next to each other. This is the kind of revolution internet has done.

Internet services has created a bridge between people living in different globes. Most of the population relies on this bridge and the network is successful in taking the burden of it carefully.

So now a days people don’t have to worry much if they live at the other end of the continent for study, work, tour or medical treatments. The commitments are simplified and also making the relations attached.

We should give our hearty gratitude to the net providers and the engineers who are working 24×7 to make it much better.

Internet Education


In today’s world, kids start learning words from their well-educated parents who have only one aim, i.e. to make their kids capable enough that they would be able to cope up with the fast pace of the world.

Accordingly, our education system has advanced over the years and if we compare then we can say that today’s generation are more aware of the doing in the world.

Credit doesn’t only goes to the education style or the teachers who have made Computer as a compulsory subject for all the students from primary school. Students get introduced to all the various things they can do with the help of computers. So let it be to type into a Microsoft Word document or create some picture in Paint; it’s a fun exercise for the kids.

When these kids actually grow that’s when they realise that most of their education is anyways dependent on the internet. Projects! Search the web and get it done! Images! Search the web and get accommodated with the best of the images. Student’s life revolves around computer and internet.

But it doesn’t gets done yet! Well if a high school student is passing out from his last semester he is expected to be looking out for job. So guys create your resume profiles! Once you get the job; ensure you are going to spend 10-12 hours of your day working on the computer and mobile phone.

I can say that people never can get over the habit of using computer and internet and they really never do!

It is not a good or a bad habit; its just a habit. A habit which people don’t want to get over with.

I believe every parent has this as their prime responsibility to teach their kids how to use internet and mobile phones. Gone are those days when we as kids had to memorize our long addresses so as to be sure not to get lost anywhere. And today’s kids just need to know their parents mobile numbers and the work gets done. It’s unfair I know; but it’s also a sign of how fast our world has developed.

Most of the people in today’s world will agree if I say that “Internet is a Educational tool.”

It teaches us to make our life’s easy and reduces the baggage that we might have to carry without it. Here, I would like to mention one fastest growing internet service provider that pop out in my head that is Dvois SSV Broadband.

It keeps us aware of the new rules, regulations, right and all the other things in the world.

It creates a platform for social connection where people are still in touch in a way.

It helps a large group to stay at home and yet get the education the have as their primary right because of the online education system now.

Teach your kids how to use internet but also make them aware of the misuses of it.



In a rapid economy and a world evolving and developing every second; every person is required to keep up. But to stay connected we need a platform. A platform where most of the countries and individuals come to. What could be that platform? INTERNET A network that is accessible to any part of the world and helps us to know what exactly is happening at the hour in another continent.

Well in today’s world this platform has transformed to be one of man’s needs in the metro cities irrespective of their age. The current decision of demonetisation has pushed the sales of such services in India. India, one of the fastest developing economy which comprises of 60% of population belonging to middle class group. This makes the decision of to be an investment decision.

With an availability of wide range of services it becomes much more difficult to choose. Firstly, choosing a brand. Next, their product or service. And lastly but most importantly; cost. But the decision still in here is very indecisive about what exactly to purchase which would be helpful in less cost and more services.

Internet and Broadband are the top dominating services in today’s market and all the companies are doing their best in the market and sell their brands.

They both provide greater speed as compared to any dial-up connection. They both allow you to be on the internet and on the phone at the same time.  They both offer the promise of a better, faster internet where news, music, movies, tv shows, digital phone, lightning fast downloads, file sharing, instant messaging, access to a wealth of information and financial data is suddenly at your fingertips.

“What’s the difference between High-speed internet and Broadband?”

Broadband is a wide bandwidth data transmission with an ability to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types whereas Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to link devices worldwide. Both services offer an “always-on” connection to the internet.

As far as service and speed go, they’re basically the same. Virtually identical. So now the decision simply boils down to price. Which one is the best use of your money? We can give you some information to help you decide which service is worth the expense.

A modem’s top speed is 56Kbs that’s 56 kilobytes/second which is 56,000 bytes/second whereas the fastest broadband connection speed is 3Mbs, or 3 mega-bytes/second, or 3,000,000 bytes/second.

We hope this helps you to invest your money wisely and get services worth your hard work!

Interesting Benefits of 3D scanning to modern future


There have been rapid gains in reported internet access rates in a large number of emerging and developing nation surveyed since 2015,

3D scanning process has ended up being exceptionally gainful in catching the correct estimations and state of any given protest. It is an innovation that has facilitated creation forms in all fields and more individuals are currently grasping the advantages of this looked for of scanning where add up to precision of points of interest on a question is required. It is a procedure that has really lessened assembling costs but offers higher quality parts at last.

The following are a portion of the top zones the 3D scanning benefits.


  1. Model


This procedure can be connected to model stage in various types of ways, yet the significant utilize is to diminish configuration cycles required in the prototyping. At the point when 3D outputs are utilized as a part of planning a section, the exact information makes it conceivable to use exact estimations of the physical item diminishing the procedure by a colossal rate. The scanning is additionally joined with prototyping so that physical items are scaled precisely.


  1. Design Outline


It is among the regions that have significantly profit by 3D scanning. They sweeps are connected beginning with physical question and after that utilizing this to make a CAD show. Mating parts are likewise checked and after that consolidated into a given plan so the final product is better fitting parts that are reliable. This procedure is known as figuring out or demonstrating and when used, new outlines are enhanced and joined for building advancement of fabricated part.


  1. Generation


Underway, the scanning is utilized to catch tooling or parts changes which happen in the creation stage. Normally hand tuning is required in tooling to get the sought complete and look of a given part. At the point when 3D comes into the photo, the improvements and hand changes are anything but difficult to exchange from instrument to device so all parts made match after the creation closes. The sweeps likewise help in investigating and portraying device wear amid the generation; this is exceptionally useful in amending apparatus disappointment or disposing of the same before it is past the point of no return. It is very conceivable to reproduce improved part utilizing a 3D filter.


  1. Building


3D check information makes it feasible for physical items to be converted into the designing period of tasks straightforwardly. The information offer adaptability in performing FEA, CAE, CFD and different investigation that is fundamental in the building region on articles fabricated and physically altered. The procedure offers a straightforward method for accomplishing exactness.


  1. Quality control


Utilizing 3D scanning, it has turned out to be conceivable to investigate fabricated state of parts subsequent to assembling. This non-contact innovation offers a snappy method for assessing overalls size and state of the parts and recognizing issues that could influence execution of the parts. At the point when joined with factual examination programming, 3D scanning keeps up and foresee the nature of parts in the assembling stage.


  1. Dissemination


It may sound implausible, yet 3D scanning comes helpful in vision frameworks utilized as a part of circulation and transportation focuses to sort and track bundles. The scanning ensures the trustworthiness of items previously, then after the fact shipping. It is additionally used to build pressing thickness and making bolster structures and packaging.


Lidar scanning frameworks are a portion of the frameworks utilized as a part of 3D sweeps to make offer exact computerized duplicates of props, autos, air ship and even structures. There is just so much that can be delighted in utilizing the frameworks.

Mobile Applications for small business is a boon

Smartphone apps infographics

The world has gone Mobile, Internet usage has been grown tremendously.

The quantity of advanced mobile phone clients comprehensively has become exponentially in the course of recent years. The quantity of Android and iOS gadgets sold comprehensively has crossed a billion check each. Subsequently, it is no more drawn out adequate to have just a site for your business. Any business, little or huge must have a mobile application.


Give us a chance to take a gander at probably the most imperative reasons why you ought to decide on a mobile application for your business:


  1. Marking – A mobile application is the most ideal approach to make mark mindfulness for your business. You can utilize your logo, your business’ slogan or a message that you might want your clients to interface with your business to make a brand review. Each time a client who has downloaded your mobile applications sees your logo as the mobile application symbol on their screen, they will review you.


  1. Expanded Reach – Because of the sheer entrance of mobile telephones and other mobile gadgets like tablets and the enhanced Internet network in many parts of the world, the quantity of individuals you can reach through an application has expanded massively. It is simpler for your current and also potential clients to discover the correct data about your items or administrations through your mobile application.


  1. Make Customer Database and Profile – It is simpler to gather client information regarding telephone number and email id through a mobile applications. You can likewise permit your application clients to login through their web-based social networking accounts like Facebook or Google. This will give you access to other significant information like their regions of intrigue, their direction for living, their shopping inclinations, and so on. This information can then be utilized by your advertising group to convey the correct correspondence.


  1. Expanded Engagement – By building the correct components in your application you can use it as an intense approach to expand engagement with your current and potential clients. You can incorporate components like social sharing and a help work area (for deals and administration questions) in the application to enhance coordinate correspondence with your clients. This will thus help your business to associate intimately with your clients.


  1. Push Notifications – This is one of the greatest points of interest of having a mobile applications. You can ask your Mobile App Development Solution supplier to coordinate a push notice highlight in your application which will help you with your in a hurry promoting. Through this element, you can send mass messages to all the application clients or particular messages to a sub-set of your application clients in light of the message. You can likewise convey about the most recent offers or rebates you are putting forth to your clients routinely through push notices. Best of whatever, it doesn’t cost you a penny to convey these messages, dissimilar to SMS or Email advertising.


With the above points of interest of having a for your business at the top of the priority list, it is basic to distinguish the correct Mobile App Development Solutions supplier for your business application. Arrangement Analysts has been helping private ventures universally with their Mobile App Development Services to make awesome which will enhance their organizations.

An Internet timeline highlighting some of the key events and technologies that helped shape the Internet as we know it today.


Interesting & Effective E-Commerce Marketing Tactics


Ecommerce based business Partners offers exhaustive projects to support your online business and build up a custom-made internet advertising methodology that works best for you. In a quick paced, regularly changing on the web retail world, there is no single arrangement of tenets that apply to all.

We know you will probably emerge from the pack and boost deals, and accordingly we will likely comprehend what makes your online store extraordinary, and after that execute the best methodology to help you acquire perceivability and draw in the correct customers.

A custom fitted promoting procedure at ECommerce Partners starts with seeing how your business functions – including your industry and rivalry. We make a point to get comfortable with more than exactly what item and administrations you are offering, yet rather, distinguish where are your solid regions and ‘sweet spots’, and accordingly help your site turn out to be more alluring to qualified potential customers. When we have a firm handle on your industry and business, we can suggest the best strategies for driving potential clients to your site.

Each incredible showcasing system additionally begins with comprehension your group of onlookers. Just directing people to your site is insufficient. While we trust movement is imperative, it is changes and exchanges that we concentrate on – demonstrating why somebody searching for a specific item or administration ought to get it from you over your rivals.

New items require a specific web advertising methodology that spotlights on building mindfulness. For instance, in case you’re a pioneer in your field, we would plan an answer for make nearness for your new item on the web and get before groups of onlookers who may not be effectively searching for your item yet. Likewise, we will search for where your potential customers are by focusing on them when they visit different destinations, not really when they are effectively hunting down an item.

Settled items require an alternate technique: emerging over the pack and ensuring the whole procedure streams easily. For items like these we can utilize devices extending from Google item inquiry streamlining and neighborhood inquiry advancement, to different pay-per-snap, email, and show battles.

Web based business Partners enhances your arrival on speculation (ROI) by adopting a hands-on strategy to convey the web advertising technique your business will most profit by. Furthermore, as the web transforms, we change and coordinate new instruments that are accessible for your business, running from inquiry promoting to behavioral focusing to online networking nearness. We may use different methodologies, including SEO, viral promotions, and Twitter to give some examples. Every one of these methods are changing how data is posted on the web and how individuals can discover your business on the web.

Here are the mainstays of our web promoting methodology:

  • Understanding your business and what makes you remarkable in your industry.
  • Figuring out if your site capacities and situating are in a state of harmony with your promoting objectives.
  • Building on the web mindfulness for your image, items, and administrations.
  • Directing people to your site, through SEO, Local Search Optimization, Google Base, internet promoting, referrals, web-based social networking, and other online assets.
  • Changing over guests to paying clients by recognizing the intended interest group that will be occupied with what you bring to the table, and streamlining the experience for them.
  • Breaking down at the outcomes and consistently searching for approaches to enhance the crusade.