A complete guideline on internet security parameters

Internet-Security-Dvois.jpgWith enhanced internet abuse, cyber security parameters have to be strongly implemented. If one desires to have a healthy digital environment in offices and homes, the need for a secured internet connection is utmost necessary. A good practice and a conscious behaviour can avoid varied risks. Imagine a hacker invading your social media privacy. Isn’t it horrible?

Wireless cables have it all

The Wi-Fi routers have the most secured connectivity. They are quite easy to set with WEP and WPA off options. Security is the main reason why most of the people are going to the wireless connections to have an internet access.

The wireless SSID security measures conceal the Wi-Fi existence. In other words, the hackers won’t even come to know that there exists an internet connection. Your network won’t get normally scanned. It is done by programming the router to broadcast the SSID.

Experts have formulated some of the ultimate guidelines that can keep you away from such threats:

– Ensure to have a firewall setup in all the electronic gadgets you have. No matter whether you surf the internet over a palmtop, laptop, or a tablet, a firewall package is a must for every device

– Allow only authorized connection to access your phone. The mechanism hackers often install Trojan and malware through one or the other software packages.

– Don’t end your reliability on offline security parameters. Keep something more worthy of making things go online.

– Ensure that your firewall is not detected by the hacker

– Always use the latest version of operating system. Also, keep updating the necessary apps and software so that they don’t crash your computer software

– Disallow clear text password authentication

– The malicious codes and data over the internet can channelize itself during the web downloads. Do not just store anything you feel like. Use the best website for accessing any digital material.

– Declassification and hiring of a secured connection must be done. There must be a periodic check of everything that is in use

– Online antivirus software along with periodic reviews is much needed

The reasons for having a secured internet access

Since the digitalization is at its peak, the event of the transaction and monetary exchange has turned out to be a common parlance. This poses an enormous risk to the users. To make circumstances worst, the security breach is expected to have a further boost in near future. One must ensure that while allowing permissions, the internet security measures are well adopted. The security would keep the business owners and common people at peace. The detection and eradication of unwanted malware and viruses can be done from beforehand by hiring the best internet service providers. Safeguarding your business from any data threat can encounter the potential losses. DVOIS SSV broadband saves you of all the horror and provides you with a safe, affordable and pocket friendly internet connection.





Social media and Internet

dvois ssv internet.jpgThe term Social Media can be best understood as we divide it into two parts where “Social” refers to the people and the concept of communication with them like the exchange of information whereas “Media” primarily refers to the medium or instrument of that communication. So combining both of these explanations, we can say that Social Media is a collection of online channels developed and dedicated to the masses, in general, to carry on with their communication and sharing of data through mutual collaboration.

And it is because of the internet and the internet connection that we are able to use all these amazing social media services and platforms. Because of today’s reliable internet connection and data speed it has become possible to stay connected to people in far away places in real time. There are many websites, applications or mobile apps that serve as a major contributor towards forming the portals to enable the progression of social media as a whole. Few of the major social media giants are:

Facebook is the most widely used applications for the interaction and exchange of information purposes. LinkedIn is another powerful networking portal developed specifically for the working professionals. This portal is used by the service and business community to share their career details and get along with people of same interests. This is extremely popular networking alternative for the job seekers and even the employers and recruiters as the profile gives them an in-depth idea about the potential of the candidate.

Wikipedia is a free and online encyclopaedia where articles can be created for publication. This is one of the biggest sources of information. Instagram is a mobile application available in both Android and iOS versions, this is primarily a networking app where the users can follow people of their choice and interest and receive an update from them on a regular basis. Sharing of pictures and a short video is the USP of this application.

Twitter is a powerful blogging web portal that has numerous registered users who can see short updates posted by the person they follow. Twitter is integrated with many devices for its smooth functioning. Whatsapp is most widely used mobile application, which is used for communication purposed, it has a maximum number of registered users and now allows even sharing of media of multiple formats.

The internet connection clearly indicates that we are slowly progressing towards forming a huge network of an inter-connected population and to be a part of this growing trend we need to have a standard internet service and a proper Internet Service Provider, who can not only provide a good connection but also proper support is given to the clients. One such service provider is Dvois SSV Broadband. Get in touch with Dvois SSV Broadband and get an amazing speed so that you don’t miss out on anything.

All about the Internet Service Provider

Ever since the evolution of the Internet and its vast expansion and global outreach, one of the most misunderstood conceptions has always been on the working of the infrastructure needed for the Internet connectivity. The concept revolves around the Internet Service Providers. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can be referred to as an organization that provides all the services needed for accessing and using the Internet. An ISP can be Commercial, Non-Profit Organization, or private firms.

Internet connectivity is provided by using multiple technologies to provide the connection to the network. ISPs also differ when it comes to using different ways of providing that connection, usually, the preferred connectivity types are the Dial-up connection, Fibre Optics, Cable or Telephonic Lines and Wifi. There are few commonly used terms with the Internet which can be a better explanation of the entire concept.

Internet Protocol can be understood as the language which the computers use to communicate over the Internet, there is a unique address for identifying every single machine which is known as IP Address.

Domain Name System evolved as managing the text files became too tedious which were the mapped names for the respective IP addresses.

Uniform Resource Locators contain the domain name for reference and every time we use a domain name, we are basically using the Internet’s DNS to translate into the readable name.

Servers are the ones who make the Internet possible and all the computers which use the Internet facility are actually connected to the server or client. Computer systems which provide connection and services to other systems are also referred to as servers.

Ports are used by the systems to make their services available, these ports are numbered and are available on the server as one for each service.

The Internet Service Providers make use of huge data centres to maintain their network and traffic. There are also various types of media used for the Internet connectivity, Satellite Internet Service involves the satellites revolving around for the receiving and transmitting of the data, this is primarily used when someone is in the remote location such as farms, deserts or mountains.

There is also great misconceptions about setting an ISP, this is possible though, but the procedure is complicated and involves steps like getting access to connect to someone’s backbone connection and get an IP Address, Aggregators in each street that should collect wires into one big cable, Physical Peering to connect and exchange the traffic with other ISPs, Hardware management between each of the layers, charging the infrastructure to count traffic and regular maintenance.

Finding a good ISP is the best alternative and Dvois SSV solves the issues faced by numerous clients as we manage everything for you and offer you the best of Internet facilities. dvois-ssv-broadband

The Internet and the Employability

Dvois SSVTechnology in the current scenario can be seen as a key factor which can change the entire infrastructure and establishment of Recruitment and Employability. Technology is extensively integrated into the existing organisations and because of the technical advancement, a new market of digital marketing and other technical industries have developed contributing significantly to the employment.

Employment in this era is not dependent on any factor, be it age of the candidate, his/ her qualifications or any experience, the prime eligibility criteria for technical professionals is their ability to understand and work on the system and more the in-depth knowledge is, more beneficial it is for the candidate and the organization.

Every organization looks forward to hiring candidates who are multitasking and is more proficient when it comes to handling and working on the technological platforms and that is the main reason behind such a huge rise of technical professionals. Various studies made by most famous and well-renowned economists throw light on the strong bond shared between the technical advancement and its connection with the employment opportunities, studies do reveal that there is a huge rise in the amount spent by the companies on the technical platforms to digitalise the entire process of their daily operations and this has actually improved the quality of their working. Taking the number of employment opportunities into consideration, technical alternatives have a lot to offer for any of the tasks but it is way too far from elimination the need of human employees or workers, in fact, at many instances, it has been observed that because of the development in the technical domain, there has been a great rise in the demand for skilled labours.

There are many new job posts and designations created by the advancement and the integration of the Internet in our working habits, Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Blogger, Application Developer, Software tester, UX Designer, Cloud Service Provider, Software Coordinator and the list goes on and on. Computers and the Internet have played a huge role in generating a great number of jobs and employment figures.

The Internet also opens up the chances for an individual to make more quick and effective job search, job seekers can easily upload their Resumes or Curriculum Vitae and also other materials on various job providing portals, consultancies, and websites, these materials can then reflect the abilities and skills of the seeker to many interested recruiters all around and there can be a mutually rewarding association between both the parties.

Dvois SSV is one of the most capable Internet Service Provider and serves its clients with fast and uninterrupted Internet service at reasonable price and also provides a quick and relevant support to the clients.

Impact of a good Internet Service Provider

dvois-ssv-broadbandInternet Service Provider (ISP) refers to the company which provides Internet connections to its customers. Subscription with an Internet Service Provider is the first thing you need to have to work on the Internet. In other words, ISP is a gateway to the Internet and every single action or operation you can perform online.

In the current scenario, every organization needs to have a smooth and hassle-free Internet connectivity and having a quintessential Internet service is of extreme importance to their daily tasks.

There are different types of service providers available in the market with numerous options and plans, one needs to search for a perfect provider and opt for a suitable plan which serves for all the needs and requirements. In the early 1990s, there were three types of ISPs available Dial-up Services, High-Speed Internet (Broadband) and Digital Subscribers Line (DSL). In the recent years, use of DSL has declined whereas ISPs that use cables are on the rise.

Even when the DSL is in its fall, a new technology is rapidly gaining the control over the market for its huge offerings, the technology is called Fiber, also known as Fiber Optical, Broadband.

Almost every ISP work on the same principle but they might differ in the ways and methodologies incorporated to implement the best of techniques to deliver an overwhelming experience to the users.

A good Internet Service Provider is not the one who offers a great speed initially or in the odd timings and the speed fluctuates in the peak hours of the day but an ideal service provider provides impeccable and uninterrupted service throughout the day, speed fluctuations is a huge problem and a lot of important tasks do get delayed/ postponed because of this issue and in this technologically advanced generation, our dependencies on digital solutions have also significantly proliferated and hence, to improve our daily experiences of the Internet usage, we need a good service provider who can completely assist us in the entire usage.

There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before opting for a service provider like the type of connection, redundancy, and cost efficiency. Once all the points are carefully considered, one must look for the support provided by the service providers as this turns out to be a great point in daily operations.

Dvois SSV is one such organization which strives to serve the best to all its clients and customers, associating with us definitely proves to be a rewarding association for the customers not only because we deliver the best quality service but also because of our support panel which completely takes care of all sorts of hindrances and impediments faced by the client and then takes immediate action to overcome those thereby providing a great experience of being online.



Various Internet Connections


In this tech-driven era, staying connected with everyone is extremely important and be it anytime of the day, we prefer staying online, however, most of us are completely unaware of the technical infrastructure used for establishing this connection between your phone and the web. There are so many different names used for the selling the Internet services but a general Internet user is not aware of how these technologies differ and what difference does it make to the user in terms of usage and speed of the connection.

There are many ways we can connect to the Internet, few of the most popular means are:

  1. Dial-Up connection is all about modulating and demodulating which is also known as Modem. In this technology digital signals are converted to analogue signal and vice-versa. Analog signal significantly eases the transfer of signals and a graphical representation looks like a series of peaks and valleys.
  2. Digital Subscriber Line is another popular way which is adopted by many users for their daily needs.
  3. Coaxial Cable is used since decades for sending and receiving the signals and that is the beauty of this technology that cost of initial set-up is considerably reduced and minimised. Cable Internet Access do not require any special modem for its working, services may reach up to 250 mbps
  4. Fibre Optics is a special type of flexible glass or clear plastic cable, there is a transmitter on one end that converts electrical signal to light and the light then travels to the receiver at the other end. Light travels way too fast than electricity and that is why fibre technology is extremely faster, however, this technology is not so inexpensive as other which mainly uses electricity and copper wires to transmit the signals
  5. Wireless Internet Access is the new talk of the town and the prime feature it has is the absence of cable’s need for the transmitting of signals.
  6. Mobile Internet is omnipresent and most commonly used form of service for establishing a connection to the Internet. There has been a great development in the mobile Internet technology to increase the speed and efficiency of the connectivity and also the prices vary widely. Cellular technology provides wireless Internet access through cell phones and speeds do vary with respect to the service providers, the goal of the 4G connection was to reach up to the speed of 100 mbps but the achieved speed is of about 21 mbps.

There are multitudinous ways of establishing connection to the Internet and Dvois SSV broadband service is one of the pre-eminent organization in the market and with our splendid customer support panel, we have successfully satisfied numerous users.

Future of the Internet in India

Future of Internet in India

India is a huge market for the Internet and over the years, use of the internet has exponentially increased and the number of users has also proliferated. India’s huge consumption of Internet has attracted many service providers and even world leaders have shown their keen interest in expanding their services to various cities in India. According to many surveys conducted, Indian youth like to stay connected to the Internet almost at every time of the day and people between the ages of 18-30 are mostly connected to the Internet services.

This rate of growth and expansion of Internet usage is colossal and has already surpassed the United States of America to become the second nation with maximum Internet usage after China. There can be an addition of 950 million users globally as the rate of increase is around CAGR of 6% whereas India alone will witness over 400 million users of the Internet which is no short that 40& increase of the users.

The fact that might astonish you is that out of these 400 million users, 75-80% of the users will be from the rural areas which will also promote the setting up of new sectors for the development in the rural areas and will increase the employment opportunities. Internet businesses will also have set of customers who will have an access to the content via mobile phones, laptops, and desktops and most of such users will prefer videos rather than textual content. This data also indicate that in coming future there is going to be a huge demand for better Internet connectivity and hence many Internet Service Providers can also set up and expand their business in rural as well as urban areas.

Expansion of trade and commerce has also been a very important factor which has compelled the users to get accustomed to the Internet, the government of India has taken significant steps to assure that more and more people can connect themselves to the Internet and derive maximum benefit of being online.

Technology has always been man’s favourite tool and as we are moving towards the technically driven era, we also need to keep in mind that there will be the need of huge investment to set up the entire infrastructure and as a result of this, there will be a huge inflow of capital in the market and will significantly boost the nation’s economy.

With all this development, one should also not forget the importance of cyber security which forms the backbone of the entire setup, this need for a defined cyber security platform is paramount because majority of the transactions take place over the Internet with different payment gateways and also all of us have our oodles of confidential data on the web.

Dvois SSV broadband service providers have significantly proven its worth over the years and as a result of its services and support, they have managed to gain a reputation of being every customer’s favorite.


How is DVOIS SSV Broadband different from others

There are many internet providers in the market but how would you decide which internet provider provides the best service. This is a big question that we all face. The most that one can do is visit the website and look up for testimonials but is that enough? Can that be enough to know that service that is being provided is genuine and will live up to its expectations? Of Course not, that is not sufficient enough to testify for the service. What you need to do is, talk to people who are already using the service and get first-hand information from them and secondly you must know where the operator is from and does the complaints get heard.

Dvois happy customer

I am one such user who has been using the DVOIS SSV Broadband service for the last two years and is one of the best services that I came across. What I feel is the difference between Dvois SSV Broadband service and other internet service provider is –

  1. They have been operating in more than twenty cities as of now and have some excellent customer base, and the customer base number is quite huge. This speaks for its success, because for me being a local internet service provider and still having such a big customer base is a big thing.
  2. Secondly, the internet service that Dvois ssv Broadband provide is not only used by the residential people but is also used by the commercial people and the corporate organisation, an organisation in Mumbai that can serve the needs of the corporate world has to be undoubtedly one of the best.
  3. Third, before getting the internet service I had a talk with four to five people who were already using the service and their experience with the organisation were very satisfactory.
  4. When I visited their website I really liked their mission and their vision where at every step they said that for them the customers came first, I could easily co-relate to what I had heard and the experience that people had with the organisation and what the company had to offer.
  5. I was still a little skeptical about the organisation that how is it possible for a local internet service provider to be so prompt and up to the mark and then later I discovered that the organisation had a workforce of the technicians and operators on their toes all the time and that was the reason that whenever there is any problem it is resolved mostly on the same day and within few hours.
  6. Lastly, the tariff that they had to offer was also very low that is it was very pocket-friendly to me and effective also.


There was no reason for me to not to opt for the Dvois ssv Broadband service and to go for other internet service provider. And this is what made it different from the other internet service provider.




What is IoT?


IoT stands for Internet of Things. This is a new step towards modernisation and many players are trying their luck in this new field. It is taking over the market in different areas like from the health department to industrial automation, from home appliances to transportation you can see them growing everywhere. Now what basically these IoT do is there are these low power devices that have sensors attached to them and are interconnected with the help of internet so that these devices can intercommunicate, take remote instructions, and send data. Such systems are more accurate and reliable because it requires very less human interaction.

Internet of Things_Dvois SSV

Few of the place where the IoT are used are the automobiles where the car keeps sending information of its position and communicating with the tracking system where you just need to feed in the destination and all you have to do is sit back, the car will drive you through. This is the yet a future plan but in present time the sensors in the house lighting system can be completely operated automatically with the help of the sensors where the sensors automatically counts the number of people entering the room and leaving the room if one person enters the room the lights turn on automatically and when the person comes out the lights will switch off. But if 4 people are entering the room and only 2 come out then also the lights will remain on, this is the beauty of the IoT. Also in the commercial places, the same sensors are assigned to do some work and they automatically do the same without any human requirement, all you need is a decent internet connection to make them operate.

The other advantage of these devices is that they work on cloud computing that is you do not need to have a computer constantly connected to the device where the software is loaded. All you need to have is an internet connection, through this internet connection the devices communicates and retrieves data through cloud computing and all the data gets saved in the cloud computing where it can be retrieved by the user for different purposes.

DVOIS SSV Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. is a local internet service provider which provides the best of internet services and after services, it has a bouquet of services to offer for personal connection as well as for professional and corporate connection.  Stay up to date with technology with DVOIS SSV Broadband Service.



All about Unlimited Internet

DvoisSSV copy.jpgFor every internet worms, the best word could possibly be “Unlimited Internet” and why not, internet has evolved a lot in the recent years and has become a necessity instead of a choice of a gadget. Internet not only allows one to stay connected with everyone but has proven to be a cheapest and most preferred form of instant communication alternative. There was a time when internet was not within everyone and had limited access but now we have reached to an extent where can not only access internet anytime but we talk about unlimited internet connectivity.

Unlimited is Actually Limited

Unlimited internet term seems a little convoluted as there stands a thin line of difference between unlimited browsing and unlimited downloading, but before moving to that let us understand the concept of “Unlimited”, for example, a person has a megabyte Ethernet means 8 million (approx.) bits can get transmitted per second which if further calculated is around 1mbps and for the entire day 86400 Mb in 24 hours, now this data is a lot but again, not unlimited. A device can only transmit its service provider and associated protocols allow.

One frequent impediment faced by almost every internet user is that in peak time their net speed fluctuates a lot and at times the speed is so slow that the page expires before loading, consider that there are many connections from a common service provider, a majority of the user have smaller plans but there are few whose download limit is unrestrained, ergo, the providers limit their speed in order to supply proper connectivity to others too, as the service provider get notified about the bandwidth usage, they distribute the connectivity in the best possible way.

If a provider wants to rescind the speed, they would rather significantly reduce the speed instead off completely cutting it off. However, there can be many other factors that affect the internet like weather conditions but as of now there is no such tool which can completely diagnose this problem at the user’s end and as a result many a times even 3G and 4G users complain about their unlimited packs when it slows down unaware of the bifurcation of speeds in terms of browsing and downloading speed allocation.


To conclude we can say that this term “Unlimited” is for sensible people who have reasonable download requirements but if you think that getting an unlimited plan will help you download all the internet stuff with no restriction then this is not true. The need of the hour is to aware all the users about the policies and elucidate them about the concept of “Unlimited Internet”.